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One of the last Samurai is
good to nature:
He makes holes into a piece of wood for wild bees and other useful insects.
He builds a bird bath and fills it permanently with fresh water.
He places bird nesting boxes.
He helps the animals whenever he can, without bringing the animals in danger.
good to other people:
He helps to lift the baby buggy into trains.
He helps people with physical and mental barriers.
He lets go first weak people into the elevator.
He helps to lift down suitcases for weak people.
He doesn`t stand back, or run away, when there is an injustice/ermergency, he calls the police/fire department/medical service and than he applies first aid.
good to hisself:
He says "no" or "stop" to hisself and other people, when he canīt manage duties physical and mental.

"he" & "hisself" stands for male, female and other genders !!!